Custom Databases of Seattle

CDS is a project of Ena Urbach, Ph.D., a FileMaker developer since 2004

Ena's expertise helps businesses, educational institutions and research laboratories make their workflows faster, easier and consistent.  She works closely with every client to discover their optimal workflow and to integrate that workflow with intuitive data input and retrieval. Once a prototype app is created, Ena works through iterations with the users to train them and refine the product so that it delivers the business outcomes and value the client desires. Working in FileMaker, Ena designs workflows and databases that provide consistent and timely data that businesses need.

Ena Urbach

Ena is a FileMaker 15 Certified Developer and a member of the Filemaker Business Alliance.  A graduate of Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ena worked as an R&D scientist in biotechnology. Her first database tracked thousands of DNA clones from their creation through a program of micro-assays to discover new antibiotics.